9 Women Leaders In Engineering Share Their Experience Speaking Up

Leading as a woman in Engineering is not easy. I’ve interviewed 9 female leaders in Engineering to find out their most memorable courageous conversations that led to breakthroughs in their careers.

Future Of Work Post Pandemic – What You Need To Know Now

Intentional and effective communication is a must.

Never Ruin Your Beautiful Personality To Be Assertive

You Don’t Have To Change Who You Are To Be More Assertive

Secrets To 3x Her Salary In 5 Years (With Guest Maria Kauffman)

How bold conviction, a hostile takeover, and fearlessly being weird helped her thrive.

Find Courage To Speak Your Mind In These Episodes

9 podcast episodes to give you the courage to speak your mind unapologetically.

How To Respond To "I'm Just Being Honest" Excuse

There's a difference between being honest and being aggressive. Here's how to know and respond.

My Journey From A Shy People Pleaser To Be More Assertive

And how you can be more confident with assertiveness too.

The 8 Things No One Told You About How To Protect Your Hard-Earned Money (Part 2)

8 powerful ways for you to be more assertive with your money.

The 8 Things No One Told You About How To Protect Your Hard-Earned Money (Part 1)

Why not speaking up is killing your money, and what to do about it.

10 Daily Challenges Women Face At Work

Plus One Powerful Tool To Fight Back Without Getting Into War.

4 Top Speaking Up Fears Debunked

And how to overcome them.

50 Eye-Opening Ways To Speak Up For Yourself

It’s more than just dealing with toxic people.

6 Conflict Myths: Lies Teachers Like To Tell About Confrontation

Conflict and confrontation can be your friend.

How To Respond To Dismissive Comments From Rude Coworkers

5 Steps To A Powerful And Professional Response They Can’t Ignore.

10 Best Assertiveness And Standing Up For Yourself Books

These books on assertive communication may change your life.

What Is Assertiveness In Communication (Top Articles)

Top articles on assertiveness and how to be more assertive.

18 Tips To Attract Endless Career Opportunities For Yourself.

Opportunities Are Not Luck; They Are Created.

3 Secrets From Ordinary Women Who Created MASSIVE Companies.

How Passion, Feedback, Persistence, And “Not Yet” Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams.

Aggressive Or Assertive? How To Tell The Difference

Are you unfairly accusing a woman as aggressive?

5 Way Assertiveness Will Make You Much Kinder

Assertiveness makes you a better person.

Interview With Asia Bribiesca-Hedin

How women can thrive in their careers.

Top 6 Assertiveness Questions Answered

What is assertiveness and how can it be used?

Advocate For Others Like An Attorney

Here’s what this lawyer of the homeless has to say about advocating for others.

6 Ways To Disarm a Manipulator

How protect yourself and put them on the spotlight.

Important Assertiveness Skills You Need at Your Job Level

How your skill requirements change as you move up.

The Importance Of Reconnecting With Your Network

Hone your virtual networking skills to expand your opportunities.

Debunking 6 Myths On Staying In Touch That Are Holding You Back

Out of touch = out of sight = out of mind.

5 Ways To Be Heard In Male-Dominated Meetings

To succeed as a woman in a male-dominated industry you need to make yourself heard in meetings by building one-on-one rapport and creating stronger transitions to your perspectives.

Gain Confidence With Assertive Communication With Paulette Dale

Why women need to be more assertive from the author of “Did You Say Something, Susan? How Any Woman Can Gain Confidence With Assertive Communication.”.

Is Marie Kondo Assertive?

Here's what I learned about how this mellow, friendly, and introverted tidying sensation!

4 Reasons Why It Is Important For Leaders To Speak Up

Nice agreeable leaders get fewer resources but more work, they are less effective, they struggle to manage their team and limit their hiring pool.

5 Better Ways To Say "Great Job"

For a powerful compliment, show the positive impact of what they did on yourself and others, measurable performance, an aspect of their personality, a positive behavior, or a useful process used.

022-Is Your Email or Letter Rude? 8 Questions To Find Out-AssertiveWay-IvnaCuri-Be More Assertive At Work-1 BW

Should You Write A Letter To Someone Who Hurt You?

If you are upset with someone, write a letter to them but don’t send it, especially if you answer yes to any of the questions below. When you are calm, have an assertive conversation with them.

How To Be Assertive At Work Without Being Rude

How To Be Assertive At Work Without Being Rude

Express your needs, desires, feelings, and ideas with “I statements” in a respectful way. Avoid weak and insecure language. Manage your negative emotions. And be curious about other people’s behaviors and feelings.

8 Ways To Be More Confident With Perspective

Overcome self-about and overthinking with these hacks.

9 Powerful Confidence Lessons From An Encounter With A Cougar

Body language tips when fight or flight survival instincts happen.

Bad Day? How To Handle Work Frustrations

Bad Day? How To Handle Work Frustrations

Plan your higher inner leader response ahead.

3 Powerful Steps You Need to Set Goals You Will Achieve

How to get goal-setting right. A framework you can use to set goals with intention.

Our 15 Best 2020 Inspiring Articles In A Nutshell

2020 Top communication skills ideas revisited.

My Top 10 Life Lessons From 2020

And 15 prompts to help you find your lessons from this year!

How To Stop Feeling Like You Are Being Judged

Stop worrying about being judged.

Are You Introverted, Shy, Anxious, Or Passive? How To Tell

And should you, can you, and is it worth it to overcome it?

4 Ways To Be More Grateful To Find More Joy

Take gratefulness and appreciation to the next level.

How To Show You Care For Your Team

15 simple ways to show you value your employees.

5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Work More Organically

Is This Myth Preventing You From Getting Promoted?

When You Need To Over-Communicate With Your Boss

Think significant changes, uncertainty, and impact.
(Originally published in Forbes.)

How to Avoid Quitting If You Have a Bad Boss?

Do this before you quit because of a bad boss.

Important Self-Advocacy Lesson from Martial Arts

It’s also surprising and overlooked.

How To Resolve Problems With My Boss?

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Handling Boss Problems.

Nine Questions To Decide When To Practice Speaking Up

This article was originally posted on Forbes. Advance practice is not always better. Answer these nine questions to find out if you should practice speaking up before delivering your message.

How to Make Your Boss Appreciate Your Hard Work

6 effective ways to be noticed at work.

Book Review - The Power of a Positive No by William Ury

It’s the best book I’ve read so far on how to say no effectively.

How to Overcome Anxiety During The Pandemic With Confidence

10 ways to cope and thrive including assertiveness tips.

Avoid These 10 Painful Regrets in Your 20s

These regrets will surprise you.

5 Easy Ways to Crush Anxiety In Hard Conversations

Reshape your anticipation curve for planned hard conversations.

24 Practical Ways to Create More Joy at Work

It is easy but requires intention and a hint of courage.

You Are Shocked by Educated People That Are Rude

Why having a degree won’t make you polite.

3 Problems When You Forcefully Stop Smiling at Work

You don’t need to act serious to be taken seriously.

10 Practical Steps to Loving Boundaries with Your Parents

Set career boundaries without offending.

How to Embody the Thoughtful Disagreement Principle

The secret to Ray Dalio's success.

Are You A People-Pleaser?

It is not the same as being kind and considerate.

Advice from 10 influential business women on Assertiveness

Super Inspiring Advice From Top Business Women That You’ll Love

Assertiveness for women in 24 quotes from 10 women.

Resourcefulness Resourceful Assertive Way Assertiveness

7 Ways to Be More Resourceful and Boost Resourcefulness

From Poverty in Bangladesh to Nobel Peace Prize.

Stress Assertiveness Assertive

3 Simple Ways to Relieve Your Stress With Assertiveness

You don't have to breathe deeply, meditate, or exercise. Just speak up more.

Jack Ma quote assertiveness assertive confident

Important Advice From The 2nd Richest Man in China: Jack Ma

Embrace disagreement, transparency, respect, speaking up, and criticism.

10 Powerful Confidence Lessons from Flamenco Dance

Use your emotions to create power and confidence.

When Your Boss Takes Credit for Your Work

Speak up, have empathy and give feedback.

How to Deal with a Controlling Boss

Get more autonomy with this 5 min strategy.

Dealing with a Boss That Talks Too Much

It may be an advantage if you manage it.

Can I Be Too Polite?

Too polite can increase feelings of hostility if it signals mistrust.

Say 'No' Politely

Politeness and saying ‘no’ are different: ‘polite’ is about the way you speak, ‘no’ is about your view.

Too much work guilt

The signs you are dealing with too much work guilt.

Asking questions in Q&A sessions

6 reasons to be the first one to ask a question.

Is praise and positive feedback the same thing?

No, positive feedback is better but requires more work. Find out the main differences and why it matters in this article.

10 antidotes to procrastination when it may burden others

Do you ever procrastinate a task because it involves asking for something, making an unpopular decision, or displeasing someone?

"If you have nothing to say, say nothing at all" - NOT

Find out what is wrong with this old saying that is used by Thumper, the fictional Disney rabbit character.

Escape a conversation that you don't care about

The art of politely excusing yourself from a conversation that you just aren't interested in. After all, time is the new money.

Be treated with respect by your boss

A large number of employees don't feel respected by their bosses. Find here basic guidelines for a conversation about respect with your boss.

How to confront the fear of confrontation

Overcome the fear of confrontation by becoming more receptive to long-term gains and reducing the perceived impact of short term pains.

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