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In this episode, we have with us Ivna Curi. As an Engineer first in her education and profession, she faced many challenges in having her voice heard and the ability to rise.  This was only enhanced in her pursuit of a MBA.  It didn’t get any better.  

She personally experienced the challenges faced when eliminating ‘warmth’ in her engagement with others, particularly with ‘higher ups’ and the devastating consequences that resulted.  She emphasizes the importance of ‘likeability’ and how important it is to bring that back into the workplace relationships rather than eliminate it.   

FYI:  This builds on the Six Principles of Influence by Dr. Robert Cialdini that I bring into other presentations and podcasts.  

She shares three powerful tips for women to eliminate passive and aggressive behaviors and how to turn them into “assertive” behaviors. And, when we don’t, how this shows up with our male counterparts, doing it or not!


If you give your blood, sweat, and tears for your job, yet don’t feel appreciated or recognized… you are not alone. The top reason people quit their jobs (a whopping 79%!) is lack of appreciation, according to OC Tanner research. 

If you work for someone or a company who doesn’t appreciate you, what can you do about it? Join us with Ivna Curi for a workshop where she’ll share some secrets that can help you get acknowledged for your hard work, feel recognized, and be more fulfilled professionally.

In this workshop, you will discover: 

  • The 3 myths that prevent you from getting recognized
  • The appreciation formula
  • 10 practical tips to get others to appreciate you without having to ask for it

Ivna Curi is the founder of Assertive Way, created to empower professionals and especially women to be recognized, to be successful, and fulfill their career potential.


Ivna Curi, CEO and founder of @assertiveway joins the podcast this week to discuss why being assertive is important, what it takes to be assertive without being rude or aggressive, and why and how women who struggle with certain double-standards can make themselves heard without losing their personality.


In this episode of the Impostor Syndrome Files, we talk about assertiveness as a way to overcome impostor syndrome.
My guest, Ivna Curi, an assertiveness consultant, shares her personal story as well as her perspective on why assertiveness is so important.
She also shares important strategies to help us gain clarity, stop making assumptions and speak up with greater confidence.




After getting passed over time and time again for promotions, feeling disrespected and even invisible at times, Ivna Curi, knew that something needed to change.

Ivna devoted herself to learning how to be more assertive. She ultimately got so good at it that she now helps misunderstood professionals speak up without coming across as rude or aggressive so that they can be taken seriously, respected and recognized.

On this episode of The Workplace Communication Podcast, Ivna shares her best tips on how you too can become more assertive.

Leadership tips you won’t want to miss:

🎙️ Defining elements of being assertive vs. aggressive

🎙️ Identifying and eliminating the assumptions that lead to conflict and resentment

🎙️ Dealing with blame and criticism effectively

🎙️ How to extract yourself from cycles of judgment and defensiveness

Ivna is a Forbes contributor, has a MBA from INSEAD, the leading MBA outside of the U.S., and lived and worked in 4 continents.

If you’re looking to find your voice without stepping over the voice of others, then this episode is for you!

Guest Interview with Ivna Curi

Guest Interview with Ivna Curi uncovers the powerful skill behind assertiveness and assertive communications.

The Assertive Way with Guest Ivna Curi from Coffee Time with Kauffman.

Join me as I introduce Ivna Curi on Coffee Time with Kauffman the comfortable place to talk about women’s leadership.

Ivna helps us ‘Get Taken Seriously With Speak Up Politely’ Skills and Assertive Communication.

She is a Forbes Contributor and the Founder and CEO of AssertiveWay.com.

Her story of transformation is as powerful as the change that she brings to the world through her vast knowledge of assertiveness.

She is masterful with her expertise in this area plus she is an incredibly fun, kind, and genuine person at heart.

Ivna helps organizations advance professional women by training them on how to speak up with assertive communication without coming across as aggressive or difficult so they can be taken seriously, respected, and contribute at a higher capacity.

Ivna provides presentations, experiential workshops, and training both online and in person.

👉🏼Listen here:


“Start taking those little steps towards speaking up more in any situation. And even if you don’t feel confident about doing it, it will build your confidence because you will start to get positive responses. It’s one of those things that when you start doing it, you get immediate results, even if you mess up a little. You still have the chance to go back and remediate it, fix it. But if you don’t speak up, you never get the chance to fix anything. And you’re gonna be stuck in the same frustrations and problems and resentment that are only going to grow. This has nothing to do with shyness. This has nothing to do with introversion. Anybody can do this, we’re born assertive. So let’s get back to our normal state. So we can enjoy life and get people to treat us that we want to you want to be treated and get taken seriously and be respected and have some self-respect as well.”

Our guest today is Ivna Curi who studied electrical engineering but ended up working with analytics, most of her career in different areas. And one of the things that she soon came to realize was that she had no issues with logic and numbers and calculations, but struggled with the fact that she wasn’t speaking up enough and in the right way. Luckily, in her first position as a people manager, she had a mentor who coached her on how to have these hard conversations. Ivna started to teach what she learned to her team and today she’s helping her clients speak up more assertively.



Listen to episode here or watch episode below:

How we communicate with others not only influences how they react to us, but it shapes how people perceive us. And even when we have the purest of intentions, we can easily be misconstrued because of how our message or request is delivered. So how do we make sure that we communicate effectively? Ivna Curi, CEO and founder of AssertiveWay.com, talks about the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness. She also shares insights on how assertiveness and owning your achievements play into being taken seriously and respected and being able to contribute at a higher capacity. So tune in and find out how to achieve your goals personally and professionally and learn to speak your mind unapologetically.

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What comes to mind when you hear the word assertive? 
Many people believe assertiveness equals aggressiveness. Others think it’s for the weak. And some others even think they can’t be assertive because they don’t want to seem rude.

This episode is all about changing our mindset on what assertiveness is and how we can practically apply it through the lens of values and boundaries.
Our guest, Ivna Curi is the CEO and founder of AssertiveWay.com, a leading website offering communication training, workshops, and a community of professionals looking for ways to improve their assertiveness.

Throughout this episode, you’ll hear Ivna and Laura discuss what so many of us get wrong about assertiveness, how to know when we need to be assertive, an interesting story where Laura lacked assertiveness in her communication, and more.

This is an important talk, perhaps a game-changer for many of us. Make sure you listen in and take action!

Thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t listened to episode 83 where Laura and Mark C. Crowley talk about the science-backed behaviors that managers can implement to increase employee performance, then go back and check it out!

In this episode, we cover:
-Common myths about assertiveness.
-The benefits of being assertive.
-How to use your values to speak up assertively.
-Actionable tips and tools to become more assertive.
-Effective ways to speak with assertiveness.

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